Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Campaign Idea

I came up with this one a while back.  I'd love to flesh this out someday, but for now I'll just lay the groundwork.

I call this campaign, Terror of the Tarasque.  The premise is that the world was a fairytale fantasy world with kingdoms, princesses, fairy godmothers, and such.  Then, one day, frown the bowels of the earth rises the Tarasque and it begins turing that fairytale world into a wasteland.  Where monsters never existed, now thrive as the Tarasque spawns them as it makes its way across the world.
The Tarasque represents the worst horror; the world-ender, It lives only to destroy and consume.  The bits of its body that it sheds, it's waste, it's spittle, every part of the Tarasque that leaves it's body turns into monstrous creatures, which in turn continue to spawn more monsters.

Magic was always in the world, but it was fairy magic; aloof and unpredictable.  The emergence of the Tarasque changed that too, twisting the magic into a nightmare.

As with all things, the Tarasque's rampage comes to an end and it burrows into the earth to rest until such time that it rises again to finish the job it started.

The heroes of this world must follow the trail of monsters that lead to the Tarasque's lair and find some way to kill it before it rises again.

That's it.  Some day, I may run this.  Some day...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

State of the Game

Over the years I've come up with many, many, MANY ideas for running games, but life tends to kill most of them for one reason or another.  Still, I press onward as gaming is an important part of my life in that it is an outlet for creativity and a social medium that enables me to keep in touch with long-time friends.  It is very difficult to get my friends in the same room together at the same time for a period of 4-5 hours to game anymore.  Luckily, we live in the future and with the advent of the virtual tabletop, I can now eek out a 3 hour weekly slot to play on a weeknight, which was unheard of prior to this.  Sadly, only 3 of my friends have embraced this style of gaming, but I'll take what I can get until life accommodates more frequent face-to-face gaming.

Currently I am running an adventure path that was originally published in Dungeon magazine called the Age of Worms, using the D&D 5th Edition rules.  I'm also running a mini-Star Wars game using the Saga Edition rules and I plan to run other mini-games.  I'm also developing my own fantasy campaign setting, The Broken World, which I have a separate blog for, and hope to someday do a long-term campaign in.

Age of Worms: I've placed this game on hiatus to run a Star Wars mini-campaign, but plan on getting back to it very soon.  I've mostly been running it as written in the original adventure path, but I'm going to start editing out some aspects of the campaign that seem pointless to me.  I want to keep it tightly focused on the threat of Kyuss and his cultists that are trying to bring about the Age of Worms.  I also want to have this lead into another campaign at some point, so I'll be planting the seeds of that as we go.

Star Wars - The Dark Times: A campaign of my own creation, I have set it in the time between the Clone Wars and A New Hope.  I've also made some cannon changes.  I'll probably do a separate blog about this game, as I have a lot of issues with Star Wars cannon and my game is my way of addressing those to my satisfaction.

So, the future of gaming looks bright!  Hopefully I can get my buddies together physically to do some tabletop gaming, but I at least have another outlet right now and it's working well.  I may write about my use of Roll20 for my games some other time.