Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Heroes:
  • Ecna Lubma: Dwarf priest grudgebearer
  • Gruntbelly: Dwarf magician sorcerer
  • Kane: Human warrior fighter
  • Mathias: Jotun jotun juggernaut

Upon leaving the fey shrine of the Lady Aurora, the heroes make their way through the Sentinel Wood trying to get back to Farmer Ham's farm.  While en route, they find an area where a scuffle took place, apparently between some humanoids and a group of beastmen.  They continue on and eventually emerge from the woods and find that they are a few miles away from the farm, so they head in that direction. 

When they arrive at the farm, they rest and review the items found in the shrine, distributing magic items and money between them.  One of the items appears to be a relic of some power belonging to a powerful nymph named Circe.  The ring would bestow power upon its wearer but would also leech life from them.  Gruntbelly selected the ring but chose not to wear it.

During the early morning hours Gruntbelly notices a group of torchlights marching in the distance towards the Sentinel Wood.  Later that morning, when the group rises and prepares for they day, they search the rest of the property and find a basement below the barn that has a butcher area and a strange tub full of blood.  In the tub are two halfling bodies, both apparently sex slaves of Farmer Ham's.  Mathias searched the basement more and found a cubby with some money and a binder with papers, one of which is a contract with The Guild of Crossings to supply Ham with a halfling slave every six months or so; the last transaction having taken place about 4 months ago. 

The group also locate Ham's prize pig, Peggy Sue, wandering the grounds.

After securing the pigs and loading market ready ham shanks in the basement onto a cart, the heroes decide to see if they can follow where the torch bearers were headed earlier.  They find the trail and enter the Sentinel Wood again.  After a few hours of travel, they spot a large hill or small mountain where a group of beastmen are camped, led by a rather large warg (hyenaman).  The beastmen have apparently captured several humans and are feeding on them.

The group position themselves at the edge of the camp and launch an attack, attempting to take out the warg shaman, but the spellcaster is surprising resilient and manages to cast Hateful Deffecation on Mathias.  The others take out several of the fomor (goatmen), but as they whittle the beastmen down, the big leader begins to emerge from the cave...

End of session.


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