Thursday, March 23, 2017


The Heroes:
  • Ecna Lubma: Dwarf priest of the Honored Dead
  • Gruntbelly: Dwarf magician
  • Kane: Human warrior
  • Mathias: Jotun

When we last left our heroes, they had just discovered an entrance to some natural caverns that were occupied by troglodytes.  The creatures pursued them, but stopped at the entrance to the fey shrine, apparently not interested in entering.  The heroes backed out of that room and found that the room containing the red glass dome had a new occupant; a beautiful fey woman floats above the dome watching the heroes with some curiosity.  When they address her she states that she is the Lady Aurora, who some of the heroes recognized as the daughter of the Fairy Queen, Titania.  She tells the heroes that she was curious as to why they were in her shrine and they in turn tell her that her shrine has some foul creatures in it.  She replies that she knows and asks the heroes to clean the shrine out in exchange for a Favor.  The heroes agree and learn that there are 4 bloody bones and 4 demons still infesting the place.  They go towards the room where they think the bloody bones are hiding and run into an ambush.  During the fight, two of the bloody bones run off and the heroes fight the remaining two but are worn out afterwards, so they decide to rest for a day. 

At the end of the rest, they go to leave the room they had barricaded themselves in and find the two bloody bones that ran off waiting for them to open the door.  They fight them and during this battle the door to the southern end of the complex opens and three tiny demons emerge, but seem more interested in killing the bloody bones than the heroes.  Once the bloody bones are dead, the demons start harassing the heroes, urinating and defecating on Mathias.  The heroes manage to kill the demons and then proceed to the southern chambers, moving through the strange room with the eye creatures clinging to the walls, which watch the heroes as they move through but do not leave the walls.  The heroes proceed down the stairs into a room full of humanoid statues, warped and twisted.  In the rear of the room is a large statues of an elven maiden that resembles the Lady Aurora and in her hands is a platter bearing 3 chaos shards and a ring.   The last remaining demon, hiding behind a statue, attacks but is quickly dispatched by the heroes.  Kane shoots an arrow at the platter to determine if the shards are another trap, upending the platter causing the shards to fall to the floor and skewering the ring.  Gruntbelly inspects the shards and determines they are real and not trapped.  The group collect the shards and the ring and depart the room.  As they do the twisted and warped statues seem to reshape themselves into more normal figures.

The heroes then move to the final unexplored room and locate one of the explorers that had accompanied Delia, but they had been flayed and were in great pain and seemingly in the midst of a transformation into a bloody bones.  Mathias ended the explorer’s pain.  

Having removed the bloody bones and the demons from the shrine, the heroes begin looting the place for any valuables.

This is where the session ended.


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