Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The Cast:
-          Mathias: Jotun/Jotun
-          Kane Arroway: Human/Warrior
-          Gruntbelly: Dwarf/Magician
-          Ecna Lubma: Dwarf/Priest

The day following the hero’s encounter with the Organ Filch in the Moore House, one of them had to do some work for the family business, which took Kane out of town for four days.  During that time, the following occurred with the other three heroes:

Day 1: The heroes followed up with Sgt Alyse of the Brown Cloaks, who was caring for the injured Father Gregory; victim of the Organ Filch.  Alyse said that the father’s mind was broken and he needed both physical and mental care, so they took him to the Mercy Hill Asylum and had him committed.  Later, the group went by the Moore House ruins to see if they could explore the hole in the cellar more, but since it had burned down the day before, the remains were still hot and smoldering.  The group retires.

Day 2: The heroes take stock of their loot obtained from the Moore House, sell the items they don’t need and go shopping for items they do need, such as weapons and armor.  Mathias custom orders a large shield for himself with a blacksmith known to Ecna.

Day 3: The heroes return to the Moore House and explore the cellar, crawling through the tunnel to come out of a nearby abandoned building, where they find a corpse. 

Day 4: Kane returns from his out of town job.  Mathias meets with Master Dreen, a member of the city council who represents the merchants of Crossings.  Dreen wants to hire Mathias to find his daughter, who had been kidnapped the night before by members of the Rude Boyz.  Dreen agrees to let the heroes keep the ransom if they return his daughter alive and kill the Rude Boyz.  Mathias agrees, takes the job to the other heroes and the four of them prepare to meet Dreen by the Old Fishery brothel near where the ransom drop is to be completed.  They plan it out and when the time comes, Dreen drops off the money and a while later a strange clockwork man stumbles into the alley, takes the ransom and leaves the ally headed towards the docks.  The heroes follow, see the clockwork man meeting with two men at the end of the dock and proceed to attack the men.  They kill one and overpower the other, forcing the youth to take them to where Dreen’s daughter is being held.  The youth is persuaded to row them to the island where Dreen’s daughter is being held.  Mathias swims along behind the boat, the two dwarves hunker down in the boat and Kane rides with the young gang member, hood drawn.  As they approach the island, the youth lights the signal lantern and rows ashore.  The gang member on the shore is quickly taken out by an expertly fired arrow from Kane which hit the man on the beach across the throat, preventing him from calling out to any of the other gang-bangers, so the rest of the gang that is camped deeper towards the center of the island is apparently unaware of the deception.  The heroes prepare to go find Candace Dreen when the Green Sword that Kane has in his possession begins to vibrate, signaling the presence of a demon within 100 yards…


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