Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The Heroes:
  • ·         Ecna Lubma: dwarf priest grudgebearer healer
  • ·         Gruntbelly: dwarf magician sorcerer wizard
  • ·         Kane Arroway: human warrior fighter sharpshooter
  • ·         Mathias: jotun jotun juggernaut spirit warrior

The heroes proceed to the asylum known as Mercy Hill, which stands atop the rise of the same name.  As they approach the grounds, they notice that the refugees from Sixton, that have been given temporary leave to camp on the lawn until housing can be found for them, begin moving out from the shadows in large groups, chanting "protect the mistress…" over and over again as they approach the heroes.  Realizing their danger, the heroes take off running towards the asylum, whose doors stand open.  Most of them make it in, but Kane and Ecna must fight off a few of the refugees before they can make it inside and close the doors behind them.

Once inside, they find bodies of orderlies and other hospital workers, having died violently.  They also find Dr Feldman's door open, but he is not in his office.  The group enter a nearby stairwell to go to the second level of the asylum where Lara was kept, but find many of the patients have escaped their cells and are violently rampaging through the halls and immediately attack the party as they open the stairwell door.  The heroes fight through the crowd, forced to kill many of the patients in order to get to  Lara's room, but before they do they see a light in the darkness, coming from behind a closed door.  They force the door open to find Dr Feldman in a surgery with a patient, apparently implanting eel-like creatures, similar to those found in the strange, hooded creatures that attacked them at the Katandramus house.  Feldman berates them for interrupting his surgery and the heroes then realize that he, himself, is  apparently insane.  They take him out fairly easily and kill the eel-creatures.  A pile of bodies in the room shows that Feldman has been busy, but there was nothing else of interest within the surgery.

The group proceeds to Lara's room, where Ecna had already found her and warned the incoming group that she was not herself.  Indeed, the woman was floating in her cell with a strange darkness emanating from her, and speaking in an eerie dual voice she informs them that she will tear them apart.  The heroes, not interested in dealing with a demon, unleash their power upon her and manage to kill the body of Lara before the demon could attack them.  The darkness fades and Lara's corpse drops to the ground.

End of  session.


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